The paycentive AG.

paycentive operates a platform which enables normal bank or credit cards to be used simultaneously as loyalty cards. The name of the loyalty solutions provider from Augsburg makes this connection clear: payment + incentive = paycentive.

paycentive is particularly interesting for small- and mid-sized companies, as it allows them to receive a professional loyalty solution which was previously reserved only for large retail chains. Moreover banks and savings institutes also clearly enhance their payment media by activating paycentive and enjoy more active customers, greater card use and stronger customer loyalty. Consumers automatically receive rewards when they make card payments at merchants´ outlets and no longer need to carry numerous loyalty cards or store cards that have to be stamped or to collect points.

Currently about 5.000 regional merchants, service providers and restaurateurs, as well as numerous outlets of well-known chains, are connected to the paycentive loyalty platform. And the paycentive bonus function is automatically available for their customers through cooperations with a growing number of savings banks (currently 40 with almost 2.000 branches).

paycentive has offices in Augsburg, Paderborn and Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and currently employs 35 people. Since 2014, when the scheme started, over 7,5 million transactions have been completed, sales of more than EUR 400 million have been achieved with merchants, and rewards worth over EUR 9,5 million have been paid out to consumers.

Management Team

Oliver Dümpe
Oliver DümpeCEO
Founder & CEO
Jörg Schietinger
Jörg SchietingerCBDO
Business Development & Cooperations
Lars Wilde
Lars WildeCOO / CTO
Technology & Operations

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